Saturday, 4 January 2020

Dead whale stuck on bow of ship arriving in British port

A whale died after getting trapped on the front of a vessel carrying fruit to Portsmouth (Picture: Solent News) These heartbreaking photos show the remains of a whale that became lodged on the front of a cargo ship as it made its way to Portsmouth Harbour.

 The rorqual whale died after colliding with the 185ft Cote d’Ivoirian Star, which was transporting tonnes of bananas from Africa. The crew sent a call to coastgaurds after hearing the impact in the Channel, and the ship arrived at the dock with the mammal’s body still trapped on the front of the vessel. It is understood that its body, which could weigh up to 180 tonnes, will now be brought to shore and assessed. Today Portsmouth-based whale and dolphin charity Orca released the shocking photo and warned ship strike was becoming increasingly common. 

The remains of the whale were stuck on the ship as it made its way to the port (Picture: Solent news) The Cote d?Ivoirian Star sent a call to coastguards after the impact as it approached Portsmouth Harbour, Picture: Solent) Orca director Sally Hamilton said: ‘We are deeply saddened by images of this beautiful creature in Portsmouth port. ‘Sadly, ship strike is becoming increasingly common and a global problem for the maritime sector. ‘It’s why an Orca ship strike project, in association with the University of Portsmouth, is so important. ‘Working with Brittany Ferries, researchers are looking at exactly how whales behave when a ship approaches on regular ferry voyages through the Bay of Biscay. ‘When complete, we hope that evidence gathered could lead to protocols or training for all ship crews, wherever they operate in the world.’

 Agencies including the Counter Pollution Team, Receiver of Wreck, Portsmouth International Port, Queen’s Harbour Master, the ship’s owner and Environmental and Conservation Agencies were consulted over the death of the whale. Cote d’Ivoirian is one of four container ships operated by African Express Line (AEL) to visit Portsmouth.

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