Monday, 20 January 2020

Documentation: Container half truck in Ashdod port

Container dropped on truck in Ashdod port (Photo: Ashdod Today)

Almost a disaster: A container fell on the driver’s cab of a truck on MondayAshdod port
And completely crushes it. The truck driver who was waiting to load equipment was not inside her when the container fell, and no one was injured in the incident. Port Director Itzik Cohen ordered the safety engineers to investigate the incident immediately.
Ashdod container container fell on a truck and crushed it ()The cab is crushed, no injuries
Ashdod container container fell on a truck and crushed it ()
The container fell off after one of the shipwreckers in the harbor accidentally hit her during a ship unloading operation. Ashdod Port said that Cohen’s CEO wanted to bring the findings of the full investigation into his hands, and in the meantime he convened all the seamen for briefing and a refresher.
Benny Eliadi, a worker at the Ashdod port who witnessed the incident, said: “Lucky the driver was not inside and was waiting to load equipment.”
About two weeks ago, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs published the Safety Administration Report, which said the number of work accidents during 2019 was the highest since 2010. The report found that 2019 ended with 84 dead workers, of whom 40 in the construction industry and 44 during other productive jobs. . Of the 44 workers killed in productive jobs, 19 were in the service and commerce industries, 17 in manufacturing and eight in agriculture.
According to the report, in one-third of the cases, workers were killed as a result of a fall, and in about a fifth of the workers were killed by plane bone or a bone collapse. The collapse of walls, mold, scaffolding and other elements accounted for an additional 12% of the number of accidents killed in the Israeli economy.
This past August Killed a foreign worker from China
As a result of a fall in the spokes at Ashdod Port. The 49-year-old worker was pulled from the water by divers who were searching for him after he reported his absence. Apparently, he stumbled into the water as he tried to move from the barge to the platform.

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