Thursday, 2 January 2020

Logistics company launches new digital system to capture warehouse movements

GMA is launching Microlistics' Warehouse Management System (WMS) across its Suffolk-based warehousing operations, starting inLeslie Road, Ipswich Picture: GMA

An Ipswich warehousing firm is launching a new digital system across its Suffolk-based operations.

GMA is launching Microlistics’ Warehouse Management System (WMS) across its Suffolk-based warehousing operation  Picture: GMA
GMA Warehousing & Transport is adopting Microlistics' Warehouse Management System (WMS) - which automatically captures movements and information - starting at its newly established 124,000sq ft warehouse in Leslie Road, Ipswich. 
The new system will enable the firm to automatically schedule movements including collection of containers and movements around the warehouse, capturing activities for billing purposes in real-time.
MORE - Metal galvanisers roll out modern livery for fleetGMA business development boss Jay Kamat said: "We now have a system that can handle any requirement. We are confident we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide a complete warehousing management solution to our customers, be it a standalone service or part of an end to end logistics solution."
Microlistics founder and boss Mark Dawson, said revenue loss was an underrated issue for third-party logistics providers (3PLs). 
"Most 3PLs will bend over backwards to meet the requirements of their customers. This approach can be great for winning and retaining business but often results in unrecovered costs that become significant over time and result in margin loss," he said. 
"With our system, nothing happens in the warehouse without traceability - including value-added services such as de-stuffing, pick and pack, kitting and assembly. 
"This allows every task to be billed accurately and fairly to the customer. That capability alone virtually guarantees a strong return on investment for any 3PL provider, such as GMA."
GMA manages more than 325,000sq ft of warehousing space.

Welcome to GMA Warehousing & Transport

GMA is a professional, flexible and reliable company that takes pride in
looking after customer’s goods.

The company operates over 250,000 sq ft of bonded warehousing space along with a modern fleet
of distribution vehicles delivering or collecting consignments on a nationwide basis.

Brief History

GMA Warehousing and Transport operates over 250,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space and delivers high quality, road transport solutions. We pride ourselves on our professional, flexible and reliable service.
We are independently owned and provide a comprehensive range of national logistical services including; storage, curtain sided distribution, container transport and specialised heavy transport, plant, machinery and project cargo.

Specialised Equipment

We have a comprehensive range of specialist equipment to safely handle all of your cargo requirements, including:
  • Paper clamps
  • Drum handler
  • Pallet inverter
  • Overhead lifting up to 42 tons
  • Forklifts up to 10-ton capacity
  • Container lifting up to 42 tons

Public Weighbridge

Customers can request our weighbridge facility as part of the storage and transport solution we provide. It is also open to use by the public as an independent service.


GMA Warehousing and Transport Ltd 
Central Avenue Ransomes Europark 
Ipswich Suffolk 
Telephone: +44 (0) 1473 271707


GMA Warehousing & Transport 
3-10 Leslie Road
Ipswich Suffolk 
Telephone: +44 (0) 1473 271707

Our Team

We value our staff who are an integral part of the team, from experienced warehousemen to skilled transport planners. Below you will find the senior members of GMA Warehousing and Transport Ltd.

Tony Barnes

Managing Director

Jay Kamat

Business Development Director

Mark Binge

Commercial Director

Andy Brown

Transport Director

Phil Theobald

Warehouse Manager

Phil Peck

General Manager Felixstowe

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