Saturday, 11 January 2020

Small But Loud Explosion At The Port Of Felixstowe This Morning

It was an engineering van at the port carrying a gas canister that exploded.

No physical injuries. Definitely in shock.

14508Fire11-Jan-2020 08:54FELIXSTOWE DOCK2We mobilised the following fire appliances: 1 from Felixstowe, 1 from Felixstowe Dock

WATCH: Dramatic footage captures explosion and fireball at Felixstowe docks

PUBLISHED: 10:32 11 January 2020 | UPDATED: 10:32 11 January 2020
Video has captured the moment of an explosion at Felixstowe docks Picture: TRACEY HUMPHREYS
Video has captured the moment of an explosion at Felixstowe docks Picture: TRACEY HUMPHREYS

The dramatic moment an explosion rocked Felixstowe docks and shook homes seven miles away has been caught on camera.

Watch: A gas tank explodes at Felixstowe Docks
A gas tank that was attached to a welders van which fire exploded at Felixstowe Docks on Saturday January 11. There were reports of people hearing a loud bang several miles away.
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Tracey Humphreys caught this footage of the moment gas canisters exploded at the port, just before 9am today.
A spokesman for the Port of Felixstowe said a welder's van caught fire after gas canisters on top of it exploded, but nobody was injured.
He added: "The cause of the fire is not clear at this time, but nobody was hurt. The gas tank exploded, which explains the loud noise."
Someone in the Trimley area said: "Just before 9am there was a huge explosion which seemed to be coming from the port area.
"It was loud - loud enough to shock us and the tiles on our roof rattled. We hope everyone is ok."
Another person said they heard the explosion in Brightwell, which is seven miles away.
One person said: "It shook the almighty bang - sounded like an explosion."
While another added: "I could hear it in Trimley...huge bang. Wonder what's going on."


  1. Is there anyone available to take an engineering van to the small vehicle workshop guys for repair ? ����

    1. Or have they been out sourced and nobody available at the weekend