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Top 10 Most Watched Videos On Marine Insight in 2019

In the year 2019, Marine Insight saw a growth of about 12% in overall visitors coming to the website, thanks to all our loyal readers and the strong member’s community. Our social media profiles also saw an amazing growth of about 20% collectively, especially because of our extremely active facebook page and youtube channel.

As the year comes to an end, we take a look at the top videos published on Marine Insight in 2019 which garnered the maximum views and engaged with a lot of people.
Most of the videos were published in 2019 whereas a few were published earlier.
1. Ship With 153 Containers Capsizes at Port Of Bander Abbas, IranA general cargo ship LS Star, capsized and sank along berth at Shahid Rajaee port, Bander Abbas, Iran on 19th March 2019, while performing Cargo Operations.

The cargo ship was carrying 153 containers and had a 14 members crew from India.
2. Spectacular Aerial View Of The Gorgeous Megayacht Symphony
This is an old video but definitely a beautiful one and probably that’s the reason it is still one of the most-watched videos on Marine Insight.

The video is about the gorgeous Megayacht Symphony transported through the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. The yacht was shipped to Rotterdam through the Old Rhine and Gouwe.
3. The Stupendous Maneuver Of High-Speed Ro-Pax Vessel ‘Nissos Chios’
This video by shows the impressive manoeuvre of Chios island in the port of Mesta of Chios.
Nisso Chios Ro Pax
Image Credits: Chiosphotos – Youtubes
The Greek Cypriot island of Chios performed for the first time the new route of the company starting from Piraeus and destinations Mesta of Chios and Sigri of Lesvos.
This is definitely worth watching.
4. Drunk Captain Bumps Cargo Ship Into A Bridge In South Korea
An accident video usually gathers many eyeballs, but in a rather unusual incident, an intoxicated ship captain of a Russian cargo ship veered off course and bumped into a bridge off the southeast coast of South Korea.

Image Credits:
The 5,998-ton Seagrand sailed into the side of the Gwangan Bridge before turning back to head in the opposite direction, according to the Korea Coast Guard (KCG).
5. Norwegian Epic Cruise Ship Crashes Into Dock In Puerto Rico
The cruise ship Norwegian Epic crashed into a dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ship was being assisted by two tugs when it crashed into a dock because of strong winds.
norwegian pic crash
The dramatic video shows the ship crushing two mooring points while carrying more than 4000 passengers.
6. Merchant Navy Salary – How Much Do They Earn?
This one we made considering the number of questions we were getting every week on the salary structure of Merchant Navy professionals.
merchant navy salary
Though we do understand that the exact answer on how much a maritime professional will earn depends on several factors such as nationality, shipping company, type of vessel, rank, qualification, experience, loyalty, etc., we have tried our best to answer the question.
7. Drone Delivers Cookies To Maersk Tanker
This is also an old video but a very interesting and innovative one. It is about Maersk Tankers testing delivery to vessels on drones that have been certified for explosive environments.
In the tankers business, it can be hard to predict far in advance which port will be called next and even when in port, it can be complicated and expensive to deliver items to vessels as they are not alongside the quay.
According to Maersk tanker, costs for a barge are on average USD 1,000 and can be higher. That means drone use could with the current payload bring potential savings of USD 3,000-9,000 per vessel per year.
8. Incredible Ship Maneuver In Rough Sea
The heroic manoeuvre of Captain Mykonos island against windy winds 8 Beaufort at the harbour of Chios.
Manouvra Island Mykonos
Image Credits: Youtube –
9. Crane Destroyed After Hit By Container Ship In Antwerp
Vessel APL Mexico City broke its mooring at Doel, Antwerp and crashed into a crane at DP World’s Antwerp Gateway terminal.
The crane collapsed and was totally destroyed. Luckily it was not manned at that time, however, the accident led to total closure of the terminal and suspension of cargo operations.
10. Awesome Drone Video Of Mediterranean Mooring Done In Style
Mediterranean mooring is dangerous as there are high chances of collision and is not practical in deep water or in regions with large tides.

Check out this cool video to learn as to how Mediterranean mooring is done perfectly.
These were the top 10 most-watched videos on Marine Insight.
Which one did you like the most?
Let’s know in the comments below…
NOTE: Marine Insight does not have enough information to verify this video and cannot vouch for its accuracy. This video is for information purpose only.
Marine Insight does not own the rights of the video.

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