Sunday, 19 January 2020


A UK port is set to make an undisclosed number of redundancies as it undertakes a process to “secure efficiencies”.

The Port of Dover, which last month opened its Cargo Terminal West, confirmed in a statement that employees and trade unions are in the process of being briefed as to the nature of cutbacks that may occur.

A Port of Dover spokesperson said: “A process has been started to consider where we can secure efficiencies across our business and our employees along with their representative bodies are being briefed throughout the week on how this might potentially be delivered.”

The port did not confirm to Port Strategy the reason(s) behind the decision, but did allude to “the prevailing market conditions”, which it said has had “an impact” on the business, making it necessary to make changes to operate efficiently and protect future growth opportunities.

Dover Cargo Terminal West was constructed to keep up with the demands of an expanding cargo business, said the port.
In September, Dover was among 16 ports successful in bidding for a portion of £10m funding from the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Port Infrastructure Resilience and Connectivity (PIRC) competition, which offered ports up to GB£1m each to deliver infrastructure upgrades to help with Brexit preparations.

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