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Dispute over lashing work in the port of Hamburg

Dispute over lashing work in the port of Hamburg
The trade union ver.di and the left accuse the Hamburg Senate in the dispute over cargo work in the port of Wortbruch. Background: Unlike in other port cities, seafarers are not expressly prohibited in Hamburg from mooring containers on ships.

Dock workers protest
Hamburg Journal - January 29th, 2020, 7:30 p.m.
Together with ver.di, the port workers handed over signatures to the citizens' representatives in the town hall. They demand that only dock workers are allowed to secure cargo on ships.

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"Lashing is port work"
So-called lashers solve the attachments to containers on the "Hamburg Express" container ship at the new container terminal in Hamburg-Altenwerder. © picture alliance / dpa photo: Kay Nietfeld
There is controversy about securing containers on board ships. Can only dockers do that?
"Lashing is port work" - this was the motto under which the International Transport Workers' Union (ITF) agreed last year with shipping companies worldwide that seafarers should not be used for traditional port work. As early as 2018, the citizens had asked the Senate to also examine such a regulation in Hamburg - so far without success.

Captain refuses to leave lashing squads on board
Last Friday, for example, the captain of a container ship at the Buchardkai terminal refused to let the lashing troops on board. Instead, the "Vera Rambow" 's own sailors were used to detach the boxes before the freighter could be unloaded.

The left supports protest
Ver.di and the dock workers are now protesting. They handed signatures to the MPs. Support comes from the left. "Lashing is about both jobs in the port and safety on ships," said Mayor Norbert Hackbusch. While the SPD and the Greens only propose further tests in the citizenship, the left demand a clear regulation for lashing.

Dispute over lashing work in the port
NDR 90.3 - NDR 90.3 Current - January 29, 2020 10:00 am Author: Dietrich Lehmann
Who can moor the cargo on ships? The union ver.di and the left accuse the Senate of breaking the word in the dispute over cargo work in the port of Hamburg. Dietrich Lehmann reports.

This is worth reading. Take a moment and put this story in written German into Google Translate or your favourite translation app. Our Sister and Brothers from Ver.di are dead serious about reclaiming and maintaining lashing in Hamburg. Dockers of Hamburg and all ports stand with you shoulder to shoulder in unity


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