Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Dockers: strike in Lisbon kicks off on the 19th

Dockers: strike in Lisbon kicks off on the 19th

The announced strike by the dockers in the port of Lisbon will start on the 19th and will continue until 9 March, announced the SEAL.

According to the strike notice released by SEAL, the dockers' strike will start at 8 am on the 19th. Until midnight on the 28th, there will only be work during the second shift (17-20 and 21- 24 hours) on weekdays. After and until 8 am on the 9th, the stoppage will be total.

The strike will affect only Liscont, Sotagus and Multiterminal, of the Yilport Group, and TMB. The SEAL justifies saying that "While it is true that in the port of Lisbon, all Groups and companies fail commitments, the truth is that only the Yilport Group and the TMB company (...) adopt attitudes in which no dialogue is possible".

Outside is the ETE Group. The dockers' union maintains that "it is already evident that the malaise caused by such conduct [of the companies targeted in the strike] also affects their relationship with the ETE Group". And later on, in the strike notice, he states that the ETE Group "has also already expressed disagreement regarding the way the destinations of the A-ETPL are currently being conducted".

With grounds for the strike, SEAL refers to the fact that the Yilport Group did not extinguish Porlis and to bet, with TMB, on the deterioration of the A-ETPL situation and the late payment of wages to union members. Also mentioned is the non-payment of salary increases agreed in 2018 (4% in 2018 and 1.5% in 2019).

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