Friday, 21 February 2020

ILA longshore worker fatally injured at Houston, Texas (Bayport Container Terminal)

With great regret, information coming to me this morning provides that an ILA longshore worker at Houston, Texas (Bayport Container Terminal) was fatally injured earlier this morning when the yard tractor he was operating "under the hook" was lifted (along with the chassis and containe he was hauling) approximately 40 feet and then dropped. 

I'm receiving this information while en route from Jacksonville port to Newark-Liberty airport (at 30,000 feet), and don't have any particulars in terms of who was releasing chassis twistlocks on dock, who was in communication with the container crane operator, who could have been in proximity to the crane's emergency stop capabilities, etc., etc. All those aspects (and perhaps more) will be critical in assessing cause and remedy.

One of ILA's three international safety representatives is now on scene, and we're sure to learn more as the day progresses.

Ron Signorino to Longshore Safety

Worker killed in accident involving a crane at the Bayport Container Terminal

PASADENA, Texas (KTRK) -- A worker was killed Friday morning while loading containers onto a ship at the Bayport Container Terminal.

The victim was operating a truck known as a "mule," which is a truck that containers are loaded onto from ships, according to Port of Houston Authority spokesperson Lisa Ashley.

The entire truck was lifted off the ground by a crane when the container on-board didn't detach, Ashley said.

The worker was somehow killed in the event. The Port of Houston Authority Police are investigating what went wrong.

Video from SkyEye13 showed the truck had extensive damage, broken out windshields, and debris scattered.

Ashley said other agencies are also expected to get involved.

The worker's identity has not yet been released.

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