Sunday, 1 March 2020

Cocaine dropped from MOL container ship to waiting traffickers

Mexico water patrol during surveillance course in Ensenada waters spotted a person on board of container ship MOL MAJESTY, throwing package in water, and a suspicious boat at ship’s side, in the evening Feb 26. Boat with three persons in it was detained, packages containing some 3 kilos of white powder resembling cocaine, were found. Understood all four suspects in drug trafficking were arrested. MOL MAJESTY arrived at Ensenada from Manzanillo on Feb 25, as of 1330 UTC Feb 27 she was still anchored at Ensenada anchorage. Whether the ship is detained for investigation, or it’s a routine stay, is unknown.

Container ship MOL MAJESTY, IMO 9424912, dwt 79443, capacity 6724 TEU, built 2010, flag Marshall Islands, manager MOL LTD.

Erofey is a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 20 years experience in commanding oil tankers. He works as a Captain, being most of his time at sea. He contributes maritime news.

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