Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Coronavirus: COVID-19 latest update

Peel Ports Group has a critical role in maintaining supply chains of the UK and Republic of Ireland, it’s therefore recognised as a business of national importance to UK plc. As such, it is anticipated that’s Ports will be given “key workers” status by Government today, confirmation to follow.
In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial that supply routes are protected to ensure medical, energy, fuel and the food provisions remain available to all citizens throughout what is likely to be a sustained period of crisis.
As an illustration, 100% of blood plasma and inhalers are imported through the Port of Liverpool, both of which are essential to support the NHS.
Currently there is no reliable advice or guidance to indicate how long this global pandemic is likely to last. We are working tirelessly to plan for a range of potential scenario’s, although it should be recognised that there is no precedent on which to aid this process.    
If Peel Ports Group is to prove resilient and avoid the ramifications many internationally respected economic advisors are predicting, we must remain open for business. As the implications of sustained disruption will clearly have significant implications for our business and every employee’s individual personal economic health.
We therefore have a collective responsibility to ensure our Ports remain fully functioning, while taking every practicable measure to protect the safety and wellbeing of our dedicated workforce.
It is against this backdrop and in accordance with the latest Government advice we plan to introduce the following actions over the coming days.
It’s incumbent on us to minimise the risk to health while maintaining the functions classified as critical to operating our “Nationally Significant” Ports.
In line with UK Government advice and where responsibly practicable to do so, non-critical Central / Regional HQ functions capable of working from home will be advised imminently to operate split teams on a weekly rotation.
For those unable to work from home, distance working will be implemented. Given the dynamic nature of the issue, this position will be reviewed and a 1 week notice period will be provided of any changes to assist with planning.
UK Government guidance is being reviewed and updated daily.
We have and will continue to align Peel Ports Group policy in accordance with this guidance and where appropriate reflect any imposed emergency measures.
The Executive Management Team will convene on a daily basis for the foreseeable future, to review and amend where appropriate Peel Ports Group’s response to the changing circumstances or Government advice, communicating daily updates to the business.

Mark Whitworth 

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