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The Port of Felixstowe plays a crucial role supporting vital supply chains and is taking a number of measures to ensure the continuity of service during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The port is fully operational and we will do everything to ensure it remains open throughout the crisis.
It is a rapidly changing situation and we will continue to monitor and respond to evolving guidance from Government and the appropriate health agencies to minimise the risks to, and impacts upon, our employees, customers, tenants and anyone who visits the port in the course of their business.
Measures taken to date to limit the impact of COVID-19 include:
Established a Coronavirus Steering Group ("CSG") to oversee and direct the response to the crisis.
All ships are required to submit a Declaration of Health Statement before arrival. Any ship failing to do so will not be allowed to enter the port.
Relaying the latest Government advice through various channels on the best ways to ensure protection through personal hygiene and travel advice.
Increased the intensity of cleaning arrangements including at haulier check-in.
Put in place arrangements to deep clean facilities and plant if it becomes necessary.
Creating a second Operations Centre in a separate building and splitting the control tower operation into two teams to ensure operational resilience.
Implementing new rest-period arrangements for the period of the crisis by gang/team rather than job function to reduce the risk of contamination across key roles, e.g. crane drivers.
Implementing departmental contingency plans to ensure business resilience and continuity.
Introducing home working and rotating teams for support functions as practicable.
Arranging welfare visits/calls to ensure employees receive the support they need
There are currently no delays for cargo moving through the port and we will continue to work with our partners and the relevant agencies to ensure the continuity of service.
We have restricted non business critical visits to the port and request that everyone who has to enter our facilities also takes the appropriate measures to minimise the risk of contagion.
As you will appreciate, there remains significant uncertainty as to how the crisis will develop and we will be keeping our own response under constant review to ensure it remains relevant and proportionate to the prevailing circumstances.
Our objective is to continue to service the country by keeping the port open as normal.
We would like to thank you for your continuing support.
The Port of Felixstowe.
17thMarch 2020.

As an organisation with links to the World, it is crucial that we identify and monitor any circumstances which may affect the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and guests.
Coronavirus is a rapidly evolving situation which the World Health Organisation, the Government and Public Health are monitoring daily. Whilst we appreciate that there is growing media coverage, Peel Ports would like to offer reassurance that our port operations have not been identified at any higher risk than the rest of the UK.
It is still prudent however, to take provisions to mitigate any risks associated to Coronavirus. In these unprecedented times, it is ever critical that we protect the supply chain for medical, energy, fuel and the food provisions to all citizens of the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
Aligned with Government recommendations Peel Ports ask that you join us in making every effort to maintain high health and safety standards for the protection of all employees, contractors and customers - and to aid the effective continuation of the UK supply chain.
We have now taken extra safeguarding measures, which are detailed below. Please note that this guidance is subject to change as the situation is evolving daily.
Incoming Vessels and Traffic
• A strict process has been implemented for the request of Declaration of Health statements from all
incoming vessels. Any vessel without an appropriate Declaration, will not be able to enter the Port
until isolation measures have been put in place by the appropriate authorities.
• For road traffic, indications that any drivers are of ill health will raise queries. Any red flags may
mean access refusal to the Port.
Travel Guidance
• All stakeholders are urged to familiarise themselves and their teams with the travel advice issued
from the UK Government
• Any travellers returning from the specified countries on the Government website who experience
flu-like symptoms, must follow the guidance offered and self-isolate for the recommended period.
• All stakeholders are advised to regularly track travel updates.
General Hygiene Awareness
• Good hygiene standards are being advocated through all Ports, with additional signage and
hygiene awareness . It is recommended that all employees and visitors should be vigilant with hand
washing. Sanitisers are available in reception and welfare areas and we encourage they are actively
• Please work with us to promote healthy practices to individuals visiting our Ports by advocating the
use of hand sanitisers, soaps, cleaning wipes and disposable towels.
Ongoing Operational Planning
• Peel Ports has implemented robust procedures and guidelines which all areas of the business -
leadership teams, management and employees – are expected to follow.
• Continuity planning and risk assessments are established for critical functions across the business
and we have additional considerations in place for off-site and remote working.
The decisions we are making rely heavily on the guidance we are receiving from the Government and Public and Port Health. They are intended to protect the health and welfare of our employees, customers, suppliers and guests.
We recognise the uncertainty this global health issue is creating and we are committed to keeping you informed as this situation evolves.
I would like to thank you in advance for joining us in our efforts to continue the support given to the supply chain to maintain the supply of critical products – medical, energy, fuel and food provisions.
As a business of National Importance, we all have an important job to do.
Mark Whitworth
CEO, Peel Ports Group

ABP Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Given ongoing concerns around Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to offer reassurance that ABP is taking all necessary steps to ensure the well being of customers and employees and the safe continuation of operations.
Across our ports, our teams are liaising with all relevant health authorities, statutory bodies, customers and other stakeholders to ensure we deliver the most appropriate and effective services.
Customer Advisory – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update
COVID-19: Update 2
March 18, 2020
At Forth Ports we continue to closely monitor developments associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, recognising current guidance and advice being provided by both the UK and the Scottish governments.
As a port operator, we fully recognise the important role that ports play in maintaining the UK’s supply chains and ensuring that essential goods and commodities can continue to flow through key trade routes and we are working with our key trade partners, customers and suppliers to understand and react to rapidly changing circumstances.
We are however a people focused business and therefore the wellbeing of our staff and those who interact with us on a daily basis remains a key priority for us:
  • We therefore will be taking full cognisance of the current advice around self isolation. This is not having a significant impact on our operations at this time and this will continue to be monitored on a daily basis. Our current situation is business as normal with normal levels of service
  • Our staff value our relationships with customers and suppliers however at this time face to face meetings have effectively ceased and all but essential travel has been stopped
  • We have implemented further measures in the business to limit ‘social interaction’ with Operations, Engineering and Marine staff building this into our day to day operational planning
  • We have now restricted access to our Marine operations buildings across the Group to essential
    personnel only in order to protect this key safety operation
  • Our security staff will be both mindful and respectful of the concerns of any visitors to the ports
    when interacting with us and we are working with the relevant authorities in this regard to maintain the appropriate security levels
    Over the coming days we will continue to liaise with the UK and Scottish Governments and relevant health authorities and as the situation further develops we will issue further updates as appropriate.
    We will continue to aim to deliver a high level of service for as long as possible and should there be any significant change to circumstances that impact on this we will issue further updates.
    We are extremely proud of the commitment of our workforce at this time and the support of our customers, stakeholders and suppliers as we deal with the current situation.
    Stuart Wallace
    Chief Operating Officer

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