Sunday, 22 March 2020

Cosco Shipping Azalea eventually departs Felixstowe due to a broken container. 20th March 2020

The Cosco Shipping Azalea sailed from Singapore with a draught of 15.6 metres. When she arrived to the Port of Felixstowe, the tide was ebbing so a decision was made to bring her in starboard side to Felixstowe Berth 8. Cargo operations started soon after. Friday morning, the Azalea's agent confirmed a departure time of 10:30 with two tugs ordered. The time came and passed and a crane was still boomed down and still working. The pilot boards from the shore side and soon radios Harwich VTS to say that there was a few moves to do but a broken container was causing a big issue. He would update them when he knew when they were almost done. 90 minutes had passed and the box had just been sorted. All that was left to do was put the hatch covers back on and then load the gear bins back onboard. The cran begins to boom up meaning cargo operations had been completed. Finally the pilot said that they were ready for the services and the two tugs that was ordered. Duty tug radios the pilot to say that they would come around to assist. Svitzer Kent was the first to leave the tug pontoon with the Svitzer Sky following a few moments behind. The pilot radios the tugs to say that he wanted them both on the centre lead fore and aft and then it would be a port swing and keep the aft tug for a powered indirect. So the Sky makes fast centre lead forward and the Kent makes fast centre lead aft. They both back away then comes in to push up as there was a keen North Easterly breeze pushing on the portside of the ship. Both tugs push up at 50%. With the crane driver half way down, the berthing master gives the nod to the pilot that he could single up. The mooring gang begin to single up to just springs fore and aft. With the spring being released, both tugs ease and back off into pull positions ready to work. The pilot begins with kicking the main engine ahead and then starts to increase both tugs to pull off at 50% before increasing the Sky up to 75% and then full power. Kent decreases then moves around to the starboard side ready to swing her around to port. The Kent increases power to keep the stern swinging. 

All swung around the pilot gets the Kent to ease up and drop in astern and the Sky to come in forward ready to let go. The main engine rumbles ahead as the Cosco Shipping Azalea picks up headway. The Sky released from forward, the skipper decides to do some steerage training while under the bow before peeling off onto the Felixstowe side. The pilot then gets the Kent to move out onto the starboard side for a powered indirect around the 90° Beach End out of the harbour. The kent increases their power producing a 10-15° list as they help steer the stern around the corner. Once the Cosco Shipping Azalea had safely rounded the Beach End, the pilot get the Kent to ease up and come in to let go from aft. Kent closes up to the transom ready to let go. Once they had been released the Azalea increases their headway along the main deep water channel towards the Sunk. The Kent swings around to head back into the harbour but as the 1st mate was training, they would do a few steerage manoeuvres as they enter the harbour back to the tug pontoon.

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