Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Ever Given eases from the Port of Felixstowe bound for Hamburg. 2nd March 2020


Ever Given, confirmed 13:00 away from Felixstowe Berth 9. Departure draught 11.9 metres for her next port of Hamburg. Two tugs for departure. As the tugs arrive to station, the last crane booms up over the aft of the vessel. The pilot radios Harwich VTS to confirm that they were ready for the services and two tugs that was ordered. The draught would be 11.9 metres for Hamburg. Svitzer Shotley standing by forward and Svitzer Kent standing by aft. The pilot says to the tugs that he want them both on the centre leads fore and aft. Kent makes fast centre lead aft while Shotley makes fast centre lead forward. They both back away while the crew and mooring gang single up to springs. The lines are dropped and winched back onboard. Finally the springs were slackened and just about taken off the bollards before the pilot gets both tugs to pull easy weight off the quay. Steadily the pilot increases the tugs power and soon building to full both ends. After a while, the Kent reduces aft to help get the bow out into the channel. Starting to come ahead on the main engine, the Kent drops in astern as the headway increases, Shotley eases forward and then comes in to a let go position. After being released, they peel off onto Felixstowe side to port quarter. Headway increasing further, the pilot gets the Kent to go out onto the starboard side for a powered indirect to help steer around the 90° Beach End turn at the entrance of the harbour. Shotley is stood down once they had cleared the Beach End. Kent eases and drops in astern up to the transom ready to let go from aft. Both tugs head back to the tug pontoon to wait for the next work.

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