"I must stress that the pay and terms and conditions of all our international seafarers are negotiated by the unions in their home countries and we comply with all international standards required by the International Transport Federation and the Maritime Labour Convention."
Ms Bell said she hopes after hearing from P&O Ferries, that people will understand that the model is "fair".
She added: "We understand some of the concerns that have been expressed by the unions and local people. But I ask that everyone understand that this model is fair, necessary and means that we are able to continue to provide Hull with hundreds of jobs and continue to provide high quality services for our customers.
"We are extremely proud to be a big employer in Hull and we intend to continue our operations here for the long term.
"I would like to thank all of P&O Ferries’ staff and seafarers working in Hull for their commitment and hard work and I look forward to their continued cooperation in providing a vital service and in improving our business."