Saturday, 21 March 2020

S Santiago breaks away from Trinity 5 as the Stena Forerunner enters the harbour. 19th March 2020

Apologies for not having crystal clear footage. The beach at Landguard Viewpoint is being replenished. This is expected to take approx 10 days. The S Santiago alongside Felixstowe Trinity 5 departs bound for Antwerp. As the pilot boards from the shore side, cargo still continues. Time passes by and the radio comes alive with the pilot getting in contact with Harwich VTS, the pilot says that they were almost complete with cargo and just waiting for the crane to boom up. He continued that the bow thrusters were not working and required another tug for departure. Duty tug copies and gets the second tug to start up. 

Svitzer Shotley leaves the tug pontoon with Svitzer Kent following behind soon after. They proceed up the harbour to find that the last crane was booming up. The pilot requests that he would like one each end on the centre leads. So Shotley makes fast centre lead aft while Kent makes fast centre lead forward. With the brisk North Easterly wind, the pilot gets the Shotley to come in to push up as the mooring gang were having trouble with the springs aft. Shotley moves back out ready to pull her off the berth, Kent is asked to come in to stop the rate of the of the bow coming out. As she slowly comes off the berth, the Stena Forerunner rounds the Beach End into the harbour inbound for Parkeston 4. The captain of the Forerunner contacts the pilot onboard the S Santiago to clarify his intentions which was to stay close to the Harwich side to keep their distance as she comes off the berth. Both Shotley and Kent increases their power to edge the Santiago off the berth. Shotley eases as the Kent increase to bring the bow out so the pilot could run the engine ahead. The pilot radios the Kent to ease up and get in a let go position forward. Shotley eases and drops in astern as the main engine rumbles ahead. Kent is released and they peel off onto the Felixstowe side. A few moments later the Shotley released aft. The pilot navigates out of the harbour to the Sunk where a Harwich Haven Pilot Launch goes up alongside so the pilot could disembark then to transfer onto the maiden voyage Vilnia Maersk which was inbound for Trinity 7.

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