Thursday, 5 March 2020

Seago Felixstowe swiftly departs Felixstowe Trinity Terminal on a very busy morning. 4th March 2020

Seago Felixstowe alongside Felixstowe Trinity 4 breaks away bound for Rotterdam. Draught 13.25 metres. Svitzer Kent makes fast centre lead aft. Singled up and then the springs released. The pilot gets the Kent to pull easy weight and steadily increases up to 75%. After coming off the berth, the pilot runs the engine astern producing a plume of black smoke. Kent drops in astern as the engine comes ahead. 

Another plume of black smoke pours from the funnel as the engine rumbles ahead. Kent closes up to the transom ready to let go. They proceed to the tug pontoon to await their next work. The pilot navigates to the Sunk where he disembarks onto a Harwich Haven Pilot Launch and on to his next job of the day.


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