CSCL Jupiter Container ship of 366 meters in trouble on Westerschelde

(foto: Omroep Zeeland)

At Bath a large container ship has stalled in the Westerschelde. According to Rijkswaterstaat, it is a 366 meter ship, the CSCL Jupiter.

The 366 meter long ship CSCL Jupiter (photo: Broadband Zeeland)
The big shipping traffic has been shut down due to stopping, says Edwin de Feijter of Rijkswaterstaat. Small shipping traffic can be regulated further.

Certainly six tugboats are at the ship to untie it. "It's time gone, so they have a couple of hours," says De Feijter.

According to Rijkswaterstaat there is no damage to the ship.

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BiggyO, you can see how the ship captures (photo: Marinetraffic) At you can see how the ship is fixed (photo: Marinetraffic)

A large container ship has collapsed in the Westerschelde. As a result, shipping traffic in the Westerschelde has been shut down.

The ship, the CSCL Jupiter, is jammed at the Dutch town of Bath. That is on the right bank of the Westerschelde, southwest of Doel. Several tugboats try to pull the CSCL Jupiter smoothly.

The CSCL Jupiter was traveling from Antwerp to Hamburg. The container ship is 366 meters long and 51 meters wide and has a draft of 13.7 meters. The ship can transport 155,000 tons.


366meter 13,000TEU containership CSCL Jupiter has run aground on Westschelde after departing from Antwerp. a number of tugs are in attendance.
photos from my friend Steven Oppeel

Mark Rijk

cscl Jupiter ais track
AIS screenshot shows the CSCL Jupiter’s track before the grounding. Credit:

CSCL Jupiter AIS Data

CSCL Jupiter AIS transmission. Credit: MarineTrafficom